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Publisher To Do List

Publisher To Do

  • ADD your QR code on YOUR newspaper – will direct only to YOUR 7 or 2 day offer
  • ADD “Free Delivery” LOGO on your site AND digital media – will direct only to YOUR 7 or 2 day offer
  • Goes directly to your OFFER (not to the other DMN partners) -but customers can find additional offers
  • Opportunity to sell your other titles including LOCAL WEEKLIES (and SUBSCRIPTIONS) with a “You may also like…”)
  • Your Circulation Team can take orders directly from your readers by using this site (and UPSELL your other titles)

Delivery To Do

Delivered by your local newsagent. Just pay for your newspapers (weekly by debit card) when placing your order, and your favourite newspaper will pay for its delivery to your door – usually around 50p per day (free delivery offer only available to new customers). We’ll let you know when the offer has nearly expired and we would be delighted to keep delivering your favourite newspapers and magazines direct to your door.