About papersdirect

How it works

papersdirect is a network of local independent newsagents delivering any newspapers or magazines to homes and businesses across the UK

Your Questions & Answers - FAQ's

We work in partnership with publishers to bring you the best available offers

Customers can expect the best service with ANY newspaper or magazine delivered by 7am - (by 7.30 in rural areas) - now you can get any magazine or your local weekly newspaper from anywhere across the UK delivered to your home or business.

How it works

Your local INDEPENDENT newsagent will confirm that they will deliver your newspapers - they will help you with deliveries, holiday cancellations and payment

How long am I ordering for?

Order once only - we will deliver to your home every day and every week. Stop anytime - you may cancel this agreement ANYTIME with 24 hours notice and payment in full up to that date.

How to Pay

You will receive a bill, by email either weekly, 4 weekly or monthly. Printed bills may also be delivered with your publications. Payment is by recurring debit card weekly. We do not take or collect cash payments.

What is the Delivery Charge?

There is a delivery charge for this service. This pays for your delivery person to deliver your newspapers early in the morning. This charge is calculated when your order is confirmed and varies by newsagent depending on your location, their location, and whether you are urban, rural or far away from the delivery premises. The charge is clearly displayed on your order, and you will be notified in advance of any changes to the delivery charge.

I am going on holiday and need to cancel

Please give us 48 hours notice of holiday cancellations.

I have Subscription Vouchers

Great - We happily accept Subscription Vouchers from your favourite newspaper. However, we need the complete voucher book in advance of making any deliveries. (Delivery of that publication may be stopped until subscription vouchers are received).

Terms Two

HOME CUSTOMERS You have placed an order for the CONTINUOUS delivery of newspapers and magazines to the above address. You may cancel this agreement ANYTIME with 24 hours notice and payment in full up to that date. Any newspaper and magazine price changes will be displayed on that publication without notice. If your publication has not arrived by 8am weekdays or 9am weekends, please contact us immediately and we will endeavour to replace your newspaper OR credit your account. BUSINESS CUSTOMERS As above AND Our terms of payment are strictly 10 days after invoice, usually billed calendar monthly You must inform us of any errors on your account which will be adjusted on the next invoice We can not adjust, amend or generally fiddle about with invoices already sent. We require an admin@ email address for invoicing NOT to a specific person We require a contact name and telephone number for Accounts Payable If you require a Purchase Order Number (PO) please supply a “continuous PO” that does not have to be amended regularly – (It’s only a newspaper not a capitalised asset!!) We prefer Direct Debit, but it paying by Bank Transfer, please add our account number as your Payee Reference We really, really do not like cheques but if paying this way, please quote the invoice number on that cheque for payment

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