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To Care Homes

Convenient Delivery

papersdirect specialises in providing newspapers and magazines to residents in Care Homes whether private or council run. papersdirect charge a reduced rate, per resident, when delivering to five or more people in your Care Home. Each resident has an individual account within your Care Home which allows you to manage stopping, starting and changing your residents newspapers as they come and go!

Convenient Billing

By having individual accounts, this makes it easier for your admin office to collect cash, or transfer funds and make one single “weekly” payment from your Care Home to papersdirect for all deliveries. Experience has shown us that weekly billing makes it easier for your admin team to keep on top of your residents newsbills. Newspapers are either delivered to your residents room, or “addressed” with the room number for delivery by one of your team or an early riser at your home.

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To Your Home

Home Delivery

papersdirect can deliver any newspaper or magazine, usually before 7am on every day of the year except Christmas Day

Subscription Discounts

papersdirect also love subscription vouchers available for most of the national and regional broadsheets because they give you great discounts, as well as access to online and app versions of your newspapers and many other benefits – have a look at our subscription page and we will be delighted to arrange this for you.

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To Your Business

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Delivery By 7am

papersdirect deliver to businesses like yours throughout the country. From small offices to large professional firms as well as to coffee shops, bars and hair salons, we will be able to fulfill your requirements in any quantity or frequency you need. Existing clients include BBC, Costa Coffee, Law and accountancy firms, Council offices and Universities.

Online Account Management

However you like to manage your accounting, papersdirect will deliver your newspapers for your customers, your staff and your key employees. We can also arrange delivery to multiple sites and consolidate everything into one invoice, ideal for ensuring there are newspapers for your customers across your showrooms, or at reception at your branches. Online access to your account makes it easy to control your newspapers, adding or changing your order as well as stopping deliveries when you are closed on public holidays etc. Some businesses like to pay cash weekly, and others demand that invoices to be emailed to an accounts department, with Purchase Order numbers! Payments can be collected by direct debit, paid by bank transfer, posting a cheque or we’ll happily take cash!! We we will deliver the newspapers and sort out all of the admin, saving you from dealing with petty cash receipts or losing your staff for 15 minutes to go pick up the papers.

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To Hotels

Delivery By 7am

Offering your guests a morning newspaper has never been easier! As well as having a selection of newspapers in the breakfast restaurant or meeting room, your Hotel can log in overnight to papersdirect online and order additional newspapers for your guests. Most papersdirect hotels, including Malmaison, Dakota and Hilton are delivered before 6am allowing your night staff plenty of time to take newspapers to guests rooms. Supplying free newspapers is like sending your guests to a self service coffee machine…. when you could be giving them a 5 star newspaper service by choosing papersdirect!

Easy Account Management

Hotel access to papersdirect online allows your night team to order additional newspapers overnight for your guests to be delivered a few hours later, usually by 6am in urban areas. The ordering screen allows you to check prices for billing your guests. Your local papersdirect newsagent will usually provide your reception with a card listing available newspapers which you can offer your guests on check in. Extra service without the hassle to you.