Sales Partners

Grow your newspaper sales with DOORS – our sales canvassing tool.
DOORS requires Delivery Partners to upload postcodes of their delivery area

  • DON’T DELIVER 1,000 leaflets
  • Use our DOORS app to knock 100 doors to talk and sell to your customers
  • DOORS has a script and survey which makes it easy to SELL
  • Leave a Calling Card with your delivery persons Name, Picture, Contact Number and QRcode to your business page
  • DOORS tracks every door your team have visited
  • Not In? – no problem – DOORS will remember where you’ve been
  • You, or anyone else, can go back next day, next week or 3 months later until you SELL them a newspaper delivered… or not

  • Detailed reporting of results, canvasser performance etc
  • Publishers can follow up with a “Thank you for speaking to ???? last Tuesday. Here’s a Special Offer for the ?????? which you read regularly” to the households where you didn’t close that deal