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The New European is a British pro-EU weekly newspaper owned by Archant that began publication on 8 July 2016.

It was founded and edited for the first three and half years of its existence by Matt Kelly, who formerly worked at the Daily Mirror[3] and Local World.

The newspaper’s owners stated that The New European was to have an initial lifespan of just four issues, beyond which publication would be reviewed on a week-by-week basis. By the eve of the third edition the paper revealed it had broken even and sold around 40,000 copies.[4] It continued to publish beyond its fourth issue, and claimed in July 2019 that it continued to be profitable.[5] The circulation was reported in November 2016 to be “about 25,000”[6] and, in February 2017, to be 20,000.[7]

In March 2017 Alastair Campbell became the newspaper’s editor-at-large months after it won the serial rights to the fifth volume of his diaries about the Blair government,[8][9] which it serialised over three weeks.

In May 2017 it said it only had one permanent staff member and around 40 contributors.[10] The paper announced it was changing from Berliner to Compact format in July 2017.[11]

In May 2018 the newspaper devoted a whole issue to feminism, rebranding as The New Feminist, edited by Caroline Criado-Perez with contributions from Helen LewisSamira Ahmed, and Konnie Huq[12] On 29 March 2019, the date the UK was expected to leave the European Union under Theresa May, the newspaper devoted a whole edition to the writings of Will Self. The 25,000-word essay was illustrated by Martin Rowson.[13]

In September 2019, Kelly announced he was promoting Jasper Copping, previously the paper’s deputy editor, to the role of editor, while taking the role of publisher himself.[14]

Regular contributors include Howard JacobsonBonnie GreerMiranda SawyerJonathan FreedlandVictor Lewis-SmithAlastair Campbell and Mitch Benn.[15]

CirculationApproximately 20,000
Founded4 July 2016
New European

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