Postcode Database

Requirement for master address database for managing postcodes

WordPress needs following data from postcodes to perform various functions

  1. Address Fill
  2. Search match for delivery partner
  3. Return Postcode Units with Street Names to Delivery Partner
  4. Delivery Partner to add status Active/ Inactive/Suspended
  5. Confirm availability – PROCESSING or ON HOLD
  6. Add delivery charges
  7. Take Payment
  8. Send ORDER to delivery Partner
  9. Charge Delivery Partner
  10. DOORS – Canvass lists – full addresses with status
  11. Search on hold orders for new partners

Postcode data available

  1. Master Address file PAF by premises – currently got 1.6m addresses for Glasgow, Bouremouth, Southampton, Wrexham
  2. Import Postcode Locater – include centroid lat/lon
  3. Append Region to Postcode
  4. Append URN delivery Partners to Postcode – from partner sign up
  5. Append Customer list – name etc
  6. Order Details? – not required
  7. Customer Status – Active/Inactive/Suspended

Searches Available –

  1. By Postcode Area/District/Sector/Postcode/Address
  2. Address Status – Customer/ Web/ Delivery/ Canvass
  3. Is delivery available – who?
  4. Have they visited/ordered on website
  5. Can a visual map be displayed –