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Shones Milk & News

We deliver milk, dairy products and newspapers across Crewe & Nantwich and beyond, as far as Wrexham to the West, Alsager to the East, Winsford to the North and Whitchurch to the South.

The Moss
Nantwich, Cheshire

About Us

We deliver a full range of daily, weekly and monthly newspapers, magazines, comics and publications/subscriptions on most of our rounds, up to 6 days a week, delivered usually before 9am (however this cannot be guaranteed). These can be ordered and paid for on this website via the Products page, or you can go directly to Papers here to see our full range. However there is a minimum delivery charge of 60 pence per day depending on geographical location and what is being delivered (please note delivery charge is not applicable to customers receiving deliveries of milk alone). We are also able to receive and handle all types of pre-paid newspaper subscription vouchers which are credited accordingly to customers accounts, usually on a weekly basis. Sunday Newspapers are available for next day (Monday) delivery.